About MLB translation

chez Philippe Excoffier - Version 3

Mary Lou Bradley 

Who am I?

a French to English financial translator, ATA-certified and native US English speaker, with:

♦  7+ years of translation experience
♦  1 Master’s degree in French to English translation with a specialization in finance
♦  1 professional certificate in French to English translation
♦  17 years of corporate banking experience with French, American and German banks
♦  18 years living in France (16) and Italy (2)
♦  1-1/2 years living in Cameroon, W. Africa

What do I do?

Translate French financial, business and related legal documents into English.

My goal is to provide translations of French documents that possess an effective, authentic voice in English that reflects the professional image of the author of the originals.

Why do I do it?

Translation is communication.

Precise and effective communication matters.

Translation is only effective if it precisely communicates your message.

Then, it can report information, attract customers, instill confidence, enhance a corporate image, convey a consistent message, create brand loyalty, sell a product, manage a problem, eliminate confusion and misunderstandings, and tell the story of a company’s business activities and performance.

It can also be creative and elegant.

(yes, even financial communication).

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